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According to the British Coffee Association, Britons drink an estimated 55 million cups of coffee a day and 16% of us visit a coffee shop every day. 80% of people who visit a coffee shop, do so at least once a week.

Add to these figures the 165 million cups of tea that are drunk every day and it becomes clear what a thirsty market there is for any café owner.

The market may be there, but your café and the business still need the protection of café insurance.

What is café insurance?

What is café insurance?

There are many different types of café, from the genteel and sophisticated to the altogether more basic, but the premises, equipment and stock of each one needs the protection of its own, specially tailored form of insurance.

There is also a host of liabilities which may be faced by any small business and the coffee (or tea) shop owner is no exception.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

Building insurance

  • if you own the shop, you probably want to protect the premises from loss or damage from such potentially serious incidents as fire, impacts, storm damage, floods, and vandalism;
  • if you are leasing the shop, the landlord typically takes responsibility for essential building insurance, but this is unlikely to extend to every vulnerable part of the premises – the shop front and any signage, for example;

Contents insurance

  • whether you own or lease, you are likely to have invested a substantial amount in fixtures, fittings, crockery, appliances and utensils, all of which also need the protection of insurance against theft, loss or damage;

Public liability insurance

  • your coffee shop is intended to offer a safe haven, of course, but accidents may still happen – a customer is scalded by hot water or a drink, for example, or a passerby struck by a collapsing signboard;
  • in the event of such injury or damage to the individual’s property, you may be held responsible and ordered to pay substantial damages;
  • public liability insurance provides indemnity against such claims and typically offer at least £1 million of cover – and often much more than that;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • do you employ anyone else to help run your café? If so, you probably have a legal responsibility for having a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance;
  • this is to make sure that if an employee is injured or contracts a medical condition because of the work they do, you may meet their claim for compensation.

Who is café insurance suitable for?

Who is café insurance suitable for?

Whether you call it a coffee shop, a tea shop, a pantry or anything similar, café insurance is likely to be for you.

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As a café owner, you have a valuable business to protect – both in terms of the physical assets in which you have invested and in the liabilities you may face.

Café insurance is designed to provide the protection you need.

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