Restaurant Insurance

The more successful your restaurant, the busier it is likely to be – and that’s great for business, of course.

Whether you are serving diners at the front of house or managing the frantic efforts of the busy kitchen staff, there remains a risk of accidents happening and injury or damage to you or someone else’s property.

Restaurant insurance is designed to protect your business from the financial fallout from such incidents.

What is restaurant insurance?

What is restaurant insurance?

Restaurant insurance takes many different forms, to offer similar kinds of protection to all manner of restaurants – from those offering the finest dining, cordon bleu experience to those with a considerably more basic menu.

Here at Specialist4Business, we are able to arrange restaurant insurance to suit whatever type of establishment it is you are running.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

Having mentioned the risk of accidents which may occur in a busy restaurant – or even one that is less than busy – it is helpful to consider your liabilities in any such event:

Public liability insurance

  • it might be one of your customers – the one who has scalding hot soup tipped into his lap – another visitor to your restaurant, a neighbour or a passing member of the public, but any one of those who is injured or has their property damaged may sue you, as the restaurant owner, for damages;
  • those damages – especially in the event of physical injury – may be substantial and it is usual for the public liability insurance to offer you a minimum of £1 million of indemnity;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • in the heat and steam of the kitchen, the risk of injury may be higher still and if a member of staff suffers a burn, any other type of injury or a longer-term medical condition, you may be sued as the employer;
  • the law insists that you have a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance to ensure that you are able to meet such claims;

Stock and equipment

  • if you are running a restaurant, your business of course relies on the food you serve – much of which is likely to be kept in a cold store, freezer or refrigerator on the premises;
  • a power cut may threaten to ruin any such store of food and supplies and restaurant insurance may be there to cover the financial loss you suffer as a result;

Business disruption

  • whether it is because all your food stocks have been ruined or because of a major incident on the premises – a flood, for example – you may need to stop trading for a while;
  • in that event, restaurant insurance may cover the losses you suffer from such business disruption and provide compensation – up to a prescribed maximum.

Who is restaurant insurance suitable for?

Who is restaurant insurance suitable for?

Restaurant insurance is a versatile and highly adaptable for of protection.

As specialists in all forms of business insurance, at Specialist4Business, therefore, we are able to arrange cover which is suitable for any kind of restaurant owner – large or small, fine dining or family restaurant.



Next time you greet your customers at the door of your restaurant, you might want to take comfort in the fact that your business is fully covered by the wide-ranging protection of restaurant insurance.

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