Plumber’s Insurance

If you work in the plumbing or heating and ventilating engineering trades, what is likely to be your worst nightmare?

Chances are that it’s going to be a call from an irate customer describing the flood that is steadily rising in their home following the failure of a fitting or connection that you recently made.

The damage is likely to be extensive, expensive – and it’s you who are likely to have to pay for it. If the incident results in an injury, it is likely to be you once again who is liable for paying compensation.

What is plumber’s insurance?

What is plumber’s insurance?

Plumber’s insurance anticipates just such a nightmare and provides the wherewithal to meet the customer’s claim for the cost of remedial repairs if the damage caused was a result of your careless or faulty workmanship.

It provides a peace of mind, therefore – not that you may ply your trade in any slapdash fashion, but with the reassurance that honest mistakes and oversights do not spell financial ruin in the face of claims for liability.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

Plumber’s insurance may vary from one policy to another and here at Specialist4Buisness we are able to tailor the cover you need to suit the particular circumstances of your individual business.

Typically, some of the principal elements included in plumber’s insurance might be:

Public liability insurance

  • this is very much a catch-all for of cover – and no less critical for that;
  • it may cover the damage you cause when your blowtorch sets fire to the surrounding pine panelling, for example, or claims from a customer who trips over the bag containing the tools you are using;

Tools insurance

  • mention of the tools you are using might raise the question about how you are going to afford to replace any which are stolen, go missing or are damaged;
  • the answer, again, is plumber’s insurance, with a payout that may ensure you have the wherewithal to replace such essential tools of your trade;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • if you are a sole trader or working entirely alone, you may need to choose a plumber’s insurance policy which includes employers’ liability insurance only as an optional extra;
  • if you do have employees, however, the law requires that you have a minimum of £5 million of employers’ liability insurance in order to meet any claims that may be made by employees or former employees who have been injured or who contract an illness because of their work for you;

Motor insurance

  • where would any plumber be without a van to get around in from one job to another;
  • and with that van, of course, comes the need for motor insurance – another product in which we claim wide experience here at Specialist4Business.

Who is plumber’s insurance suitable for?

Who is plumber’s insurance suitable for?

The answer is plumbers, of course – but plumbers of every definition, from the single tradesman, to an SME plumbing business, right up to a national corporate chain of plumbers.



Plumbers – like practically any other tradesmen – run the risk of some unintended mistake or error causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to their client’s or someone else’s property. In the worst case, personal injury may be caused.

To defend your business against risks such as these, you might want to give serious thought to plumber’s insurance.

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