Hotel Insurance

The hospitality industry in the UK has seen a recent revival in the small, boutique, often family-run hotel.

These may make a welcome break from the anonymous character of a hotel chain, but there are risks and perils for anyone looking to participate in this particular line of business.

What is hotel insurance?

What is hotel insurance?

Hotel insurance is designed to offer protection against just those risks and perils – whether these threaten physical loss or damage to the hotel and its contents or the many liabilities with which the hotel owner may be faced.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

Building insurance

  • you are likely to have invested a substantial amount in the purchase of your hotel;
  • to protect the structure and fabric of the building against such potentially disastrous events as fire, floods, impacts, escape of water, or vandalism, hotel insurance may include comprehensive cover for the premises;

Contents insurance

  • a very tidy investment is also likely to have been made in fitting out and furnishing your hotel to the standards you want to achieve;
  • the contents are also likely to include expensive stocks of linen, crockery for the dining room and a host of kitchen equipment and utensils;
  • cover for these contents may be included in your hotel insurance package;

Public liability insurance

  • you owe a duty of care to your guests by taking every reasonable precaution to prevent their suffering an injury or having their property damaged;
  • having exercised such care, accidents may still happen and if a guest suffers an injury or other loss, you may be sued for negligence and ordered to pay substantial damages;
  • public liability insurance provides your indemnity against such claims – typically for a minimum of £1 million and often a lot more;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • a distinction needs to be made between your duty of care to guests, neighbours and members of the public and the staff you employ to help run your hotel;
  • you have a particular duty of care towards your employees and the law requires (with a few exceptions) that, if you have any employees, you must hold a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance;
  • this is designed to ensure that you are able to meet any claim for compensation made by any member of staff who has been injured or contracted a medical condition as a result of the work they have done for you.

Who is hotel insurance suitable for?

Who is hotel insurance suitable for?

Hotel insurance is suitable for any hotel owner – whether large or small, standard or boutique, individually or family run.

Here at Specialist4Business, we are able to tailor the cover to meet your precise needs and requirements and may give you a quote for that cover in response to your online enquiry or telephone call.



There seems to have been a resurgence in small, family-run hotel businesses of late, but the hospitality industry in general remains high competitive and profit margins are tight.

To ensure that you arrange the most appropriate insurance for your hotel, at a competitive rate, you might want to consult us here at Specialist4Business.

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