Tradesman and Contractors Insurance

Tradesman and contractor – it’s a job description that embraces a world of different livelihoods and talents.

If it’s one that also includes your own business, you might be a sole trader, a small to medium sized business (an SME to use the common abbreviation), or a large corporation.

Whatever your business type, however, it is almost certain that a primary concern for protecting and safeguarding your business lies in tradesman and contractor’s insurance.

What is tradesman and contractor’s insurance?

What is tradesman and contractor’s insurance?

Just as there are very many different types of tradesman and contractor, so too are there different forms of this type of insurance – which is readily tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular trade or contractor, or suitability for a business of any given size.

The insurance is designed to protect two critical areas in which a business of any size, and in any trade, may face financial risk:

  • theft, loss or damage to the tools of the trade – including plant, machinery and any other equipment needed to fulfil a contract – together with the structure and fabric of the premises from which you operate; and
  • a wide variety of liabilities – which may bring in their wake considerable financial cost if it is shown that your business is in some way liable.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

Although tradesman and contractor’s insurance policies vary widely – according to the type of business to which any one may apply – certain elements tend to be most common:

Tools, plant, machinery and equipment

  • from your hand tools, through power tools, to heavier plant and equipment, these are essential to getting your job done and likely to be very expensive to replace if stolen or damaged;
  • tradesman and contractor’s insurance provides compensation with which you may make those replacements;

Building insurance

  • if you own the premises from which you operate, building insurance helps to protect the structure and fabric of the property against loss or damage;

Public liability insurance

  • whether the accident happens on your premises or the site at which you are working, anyone injured or suffering property damage as a result of your work may claim that you breached your duty of care and sue for a potentially considerable sum;
  • public liability insurance is designed to meet the costs and expenses of defending against any such action, and to indemnify you against any claim awarded;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • if you are a contractor who employs other people, you are required by law (with very few exceptions) to hold a minimum of £5 million of employers’ liability cover;
  • this is to ensure that you may meet the claims of any employee who is injured or contracts an illness as a direct result of their working for you.

Who is tradesman and contractor’s insurance suitable for?

Who is tradesman and contractor’s insurance suitable for?

Whether you are a self-employed plumber, electrician, plasterer or any other type of tradesman, whether you are a sole trader or employ others, whether you are an SME or a large corporation, here at Specialist4Business we are able to arrange the cover that might prove a saving grace for your business if the worst happens.



There are many different types of tradesman and contractor, but whatever the particular line your own business is in, you might want to contact to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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