Salon Insurance

If you own any type of beauty salon, you might already have given serious thought to the need to insure:

  • the premises;
  • the fixtures, fittings and furniture which have been needed to turn the premises into a beauty salon;
  • the equipment you use to make your beauty treatments; and
  • your stock of supplies and materials.

But salon insurance may do much more than protect these business assets against loss or damage.

What is salon insurance?

What is salon insurance?

Salon insurance takes a holistic approach to the whole of your business, recognising not only the need for protection against the theft, loss or damage of physical business assets, but also the liabilities you may encounter if:

  • a beauty treatment goes wrong and your customer suffers an injury or allergic reaction;
  • a member of the public is injured on your premises (for example, if they slip on a  wet floor); or
  • a member of your staff develops a work-related skin condition because of the chemicals she or he is asked to use.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

In other words, salon insurance extends across the board to safeguard your premises and its contents and the various liabilities you may face in respect of customers, members of the public or your own staff.

To provide the necessary protection, salon insurance therefore typically offers cover for:

Buildings insurance

  • if you own your salon premises, building insurance provides protection for the structure and fabric of the property against such risks as fire, flooding, storm damage, impacts, theft and vandalism;

Contents insurance

  • whether you own or lease the salon, you are likely to need insurance cover for the installed fixtures, fittings and furniture;
  • contents cover may also extend to the equipment – driers, toners and the like – together with the treatments you use;

Public liability insurance

  • this may prove your defence against probably the biggest liability to your business;
  • you have a duty of care to ensure that no customer, visitor to your premises, or member of the public is injured or has their property damaged in any connection with your business;
  • if that does happen, they may hold you negligent in that duty of care and sue you for compensation;
  • claims of this nature – especially where personal injury is concerned – may be quite substantial and it is usual for a business to have at least £1 million of indemnity cover;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • your safeguard against this liability – of an employee suffering an injury or contracting a medical condition through the work they do for you – is a legal requirement;
  • the law obliges you to hold a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance in respect of anyone you employ in your salon.

Who is salon insurance suitable for?

Who is salon insurance suitable for?

Here at Specialist4Business we arrange many types of insurance cover for your kind of business, including:

  • beauty salons;
  • hair and beauty salons;
  • beauticians;
  • manicurists and pedicurists; and
  • nail technicians.



There is more to salon insurance than simple cover for your premises and their contents – important as these elements of cover are to your business.

Equally important is sufficient indemnity insurance to safeguard your business against the many and varied liability risks you may encounter.

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