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According to recent press reports, adults in Britain eat a startling total of 22 million takeaway meals every week.

That is a huge number of takeaway meals of course, yet there are still relatively few takeaway owners who appear to be making it rich in any conspicuous fashion.

The reasons may be twofold:

  • the sheer number of takeaways in competition with each other – press reports have claimed that the number of takeaways in Britain has almost doubled in the past two decades; and
  • takeaway owners still have to find the expense of not inconsiderable overheads in the running of their businesses.

Not least important of those overheads is takeaway insurance.

What is takeaway insurance?

What is takeaway insurance?

If you own the premises from which you are operating your takeaway, the need for some form of insurance to cover loss or damage to the premises may seem obvious. But if you are renting the space, the time and money you have spent fitting it out to serve cooked food is also an investment that needs to be protected against loss or damage.

Quite apart from the physical assets of your business, moreover, there are also important liabilities to which you may be vulnerable and against which takeaway insurance may provide indemnity.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

Takeaways come in all shapes and sizes – from the large to small, the basic to the almost sophisticated. The takeaway insurance we arrange here at Specialist4Business, therefore, is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your individual business.

Nevertheless, there are some elements of cover which may be common to many forms of takeaway insurance:

Building insurance

  • if you own the premises, building insurance protects your investment against such potentially major disasters as fire, flooding, storm damage, impacts, theft and vandalism;
  • if you rent the premises, building insurance is your landlord’s responsibility, but you might want to check just what is and what is not covered in his policy;


  • the cookers, grills, fryers, and myriad kitchen appliances may all need the protection of takeaway insurance to safeguard against theft, loss or damage;
  • the cover also typically extends to theft, loss or damage of your stock and foodstuffs;

Public liability insurance

  • you owe a duty of care towards your customers, other visitors to your premises and general members of the public to prevent their injury or property damage arising from your business activities;
  • if your takeaway sign becomes unhinged and strikes a passerby on the head, for instance, you are likely to be sued for damages – and a potentially substantial amount, depending on the extent of the injuries caused;
  • for that reason, public liability insurance typically provides cover for at least £1 million;

Employers’ liability insurance

  • the law requires you to carry at least £5 million employers’ liability insurance in you are employing others in the running of your takeaway;
  • this is to ensure that you are able to meet claims made by any current or former employee who may have been injured or contracted a medical illness during their work for you;

Product liability insurance

  • the food you sell of course needs to be fit for consumption and does not make your customers ill when they eat it;
  • product liability cover is designed to protect you from the financial impact of such claims.

Who is takeaway insurance suitable for?

Who is takeaway insurance suitable for?

Whether yours is a “hole in the wall” takeaway or something more sophisticated, whether you own or lease the premises and whatever kind of food you serve, takeaway insurance is almost certain to prove a valuable defence for the future of your business.



In such a competitive market and with margins for any takeaway establishment almost certainly tight, our takeaway insurance offers cost-effective cover to protect your livelihood.

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