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According to press reports, by the end of 2016 every week saw the launch of 12 new beauty salons on British high streets.

That simple statistic may help to illustrate quite how competitive life is likely to be for anyone in business as a beautician – there are so many businesses chasing a finite number of customers.

As life becomes more competitive, so it also becomes more important than ever that your business is protected and safeguarded in the best means possible – beauticians insurance.

What is beautician’s insurance?

What is beautician’s insurance?

The name spells it out – beautician’s insurance is designed to protect a beautician’s livelihood.

That means protecting both the assets of your business – your premises, if you have them, your equipment and apparatus, and your beauty aids and supplies – together with the various liabilities to which any beautician may be exposed.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

So, what are the assets and the liabilities which might be yours as you run your business as a beautician?


  • if you own your own premises, that is likely to represent a considerable investment, and the structure and fabric of the building itself needs the protection of building insurance;


  • even if you do not own your own premises, but lease a property from which to run your business, you are likely to have invested heavily in fittings and furnishings which are necessary for the beauty treatments you offer;

Mobile beauticians

  • rather than owning or leasing your own premises, you might be a “freelancing” or mobile beautician moving between salons or visiting your customers in their own homes – on which case, you may still want insurance cover for the equipment, apparatus and supplies that you use;

Public liability insurance

  • wherever you work – in your own salon, leased premises or in your customers’ own homes – one of the major threats to your business comes from potential public liability claims;
  • these may be made if one of your customers – or indeed anyone else – is injured or has their property damaged during the course of your work, if a customer has an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals you may be using, let’s say, or even if a member of the public trips over the kit bag you left on the floor;
  • since this type of claim may involve substantial claims for damages, it is usual for cover to provide at least £1 million indemnity;

Product liability

  • whatever the warranties given by beauty products you may be using, you may still be liable if the unexpected and unwanted consequences result in financial loss or injury to your customer.

Who is beautician’s insurance suitable for?

Who is beautician’s insurance suitable for?

Beautician’s insurance is suitable for anyone running a business that involves beauty care or treatment – whether you are the owner of your own salon, rent the premises or are a mobile beautician travelling from place to place to conduct your business.



In the highly competitive beauty therapy sector, you may need beautician’s insurance more than ever to ensure that your business survives the possibility of temporary setbacks and that it continues to hold its own against your rivals.

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